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- name: Create temp directory
include_tasks: temp_directory.yml
when: tmp_dir is not defined
- name: Check for existing ipxe builds
path: '{{ tmp_dir }}/ipxe/src/{{ item }}'
loop: '{{ make_targets }}'
when: not rebuild_ipxe
register: ipxe_builds
delegate_to: localhost
- name: Download and build latest iPXE for all targets
include_tasks: build_ipxe.yml
when: rebuild_ipxe or False in ipxe_builds.results|map(attribute='stat')|map(attribute='exists')
- name: Configure TFTP server
include_tasks: configure_tftp.yml
- name: Place iPXE on tftp server
src: '{{ tmp_dir }}/ipxe/src/{{ item.src }}'
dest: '/var/lib/tftpboot/{{ item.dest }}'
- src: bin/undionly.kpxe
dest: undionly.kpxe
- src: bin-x86_64-efi/ipxe.efi
dest: ipxe.efi
- src: bin-i386-efi/ipxe.efi
dest: i386-efi/ipxe.efi