Container images that build from FeedTheBeast Minecraft modpacks.
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FTB Minecraft

Build Status

Builds from main are pushed to Harbor


This repository is under construction and some documentation may be incomplete or totally invalid!


This container image is designed to build FeedTheBeast modpacks into minimal containers for easy use. They are published with tags indicating the particular modpack they include, and some helper scripts have been included to support running them with rootless podman.


Please see the podman README for information on how to use podman to run FTB Minecraft.

Interacting with the server

Included in this repository is a python script designed to provide an easy way to interact with your FTB Minecraft server. If you install the entire suite with make install, this script will be in your path at ftb-mc. For more information on the use of the script, please refer to ftb-mc --help.


This project is wholely unaffiliated with FeedTheBeast, Minecraft, Mojang, and Microsoft. It is an independent release to make management of local servers simpler.