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This Drone plugin image is designed to build RPM files from specs in a repo. It specifically builds those RPMs for Fedora. Versions of Fedora are determined by the tag used, but will generally track close to the latest release and maybe one or two trailing releases.


In your .drone.yml, place the following:

- name: rpm-build
    spec: path/to/your.spec
    flags: -ba # this is the default and is optionally overridden
    builddep_flags: -y # this is the default and is optionally overriden

In follow-on steps you can get your built RPMs from dist/RPMS/${YOUR_RPM_ARCH}/*.rpm and do what you please with them.


This project is derived from Robert Kaussow's rpmbuild image and is used in accordance with the MIT License under which that project is licensed - see the LICENSE file for details.